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Welcome to The Bee Word!

Brought to you by the leaders of The Bee Corp, the goal of this blog is to turn expert beekeepers into expert businesspeople, by helping readers overcome challenges uniquely faced by beekeeping business owners.

The Bee Word will offer resources, tools and ideas that you can apply to help make your business more efficient, organized and profitable. Also featured will be content covering major industry news, the latest in honeybee science and research, relevant public policy and economics, and expert spotlights  Our team has a combined 13 years of beekeeping experience and a diverse background of business skills and expertise:

Ellie posts about business strategy, financial planning & management, and data science & visualizations.

Simon writes about efficiency & productivity, operational planning, and hive management logistics.

Wyatt’s posts focus on sales & marketing strategy, industry news, economics, and public policy.

We hope you find our posts useful and engaging. We're always open to feedback on how we can improve, so don't hesitate to reach out.

Hope you visit again soon,

-Ellie, Simon and Wyatt

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