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​Beekeepers from the Lone Star state have enjoyed some extra cash flow from a statewide program launched a few years ago. As of January 1st, 2012, beekeeping in Texas qualifies for an Ag Valuation on property taxes. This means landowners could save hundreds, and maybe even thousands of dollars on property taxes each year. Beekeepers can benefit immensely by selling or renting their hives to program participants. This has been a golden opportunity in Texas for nearly half a decade. 

Counties offering guidelines on Ag exemption for bees. Source: Texas Beekeepers Association


​For a landowner to qualify, he must own between 5-20 acres of land in Texas. Said land must have beehives placed on the property to qualify. However, the landowner does not need to purchase or own bees, colonies can be rented. Participants are advised to keep detailed and accurate records for reporting purposes.


​This can be a great business opportunity for any beekeeper who manages hives in Texas. You’re probably aware of the saying “follow the money,” and you can surely live by that saying if you head to Texas. We’ve heard of some beekeepers renting their hives to participants for $25 per month. That’s a pretty nice payday if you ask me. If you want to learn more or get involved, the Texas Beekeepers Association has put together helpful resources pertaining to the Ag Exemption on their website.

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